Professional evaluation through Certification is one of the many ways the American Society of Professional Estimators endeavors to promote the profession and benefit the    construction industry. 

The founders of the Society sought to include estimators of all types of construction in the membership of ASPE: residential, heavy, general, specialty trade and conceptual. This array of highly skilled professionals was the "melting pot" envisioned by the Charter Members of the American Society of Professional Estimators when they organized in 1956.

 ASPE Certification is the highest form of professional recognition an individual estimator can receive and is being sought by more construction estimators every year. Through its Certification Program, the American Society of Professional Estimators recognizes the estimating proficiency and ethical awareness of the Certified Professional Estimator (CPE). 

 ASPE Certification may be defined as an educational process, which entails mandatory workshop attendance, submission of an acceptable Professional Evaluation Application and technical paper, successful completion of written examinations and participation in the Continuing Certification Program. Each CPE Candidate must earn an affirmative appraisal based on proven ability and practical experience in the profession. 

 Today each estimator seeking certification must meet certain requirements before being permitted to take the written examinations. Occasionally, experienced estimators will request certification without examination. This is not permitted under the Society's program rules. Requiring each candidate to take the examinations ensures the integrity of the Society's program.

  Once recognized as a CPE, you will be expected to keep abreast of current trends and improved practices in the construction industry. Your conformance with this requirement is measured under the provisions of the Continuing Certification Program. CPEs subject to recertification must document active participation in the areas of ASPE service: professional, educational and creative contributions to construction estimating. 

Among the elements of continuing certification are review of technical papers, and the contribution of questions and problems to the Certification Test Data Bank.

As a CPE, you may be requested to volunteer your expertise in advancing the art and science of estimating. For example, you may contribute new material for the Standard Estimating Practice manual (SEP). You could also present a Certification Workshop or proctor an examination. Or you may be called upon by the Education Board to develop programs to improve the quality of estimating instruction for students at colleges and universities.

For More Information Contact Chapter 6 Certification Chairmen Mr. Isam Ghandour - [email protected] or select the Certification tab at this link: www.aspenational.org